• Projects such asĀ  this offer realisticĀ  experience that contributes towards possible career path for young Africans in the retail, fashion, arts and entertainment industries
  • The project is by and about young African Australians and empowers them to present their wok and culture to the general public and to their communities.
  • Miss Africa is a healthy activity and engagement for young African people to build their leadership and independence skills, self esteem, community pride and give them a voice.
  • The event showcases the talents and richness of Australian African culture to the public, supporting a positive image for young Africans. Educates the public about young African Australians, their culture, community and interests.
  • Encourages participation in community events, cultural events, creative enterprise and youth empowerment projects.
  • Gives intercultural dialogue between African and none African young people
  • Promote a positive multi-cultutralism whereby young African people can contribute in a positive and creative way
  • Create work opportunities f and work experience where by people can develop and showcase their skills and build a resume in an area of their choice.
  • Build teamwork, networks, friendships and resourcefulness of young people.
  • Build leadership skills of young people in such things as teamwork, conflict resolution, problem solving